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Card Overprinting
We are able to offer an overprint service on all our current years Christmas cards, enabling you to personalise our cards. Below is a table of approximate cost, which includes the cards, envelopes, printing and P&P. Minimum number of cards for overprinting is 50 and you will be supplied a PDF proof to check before printing proceeds. If you would like to order an overprint please do not hesitate to contact us at: or call: 01379 641715. Alternatively please use the contact us link at the bottom of this page. If you have specific artwork please email us the artwork.

No of cards
50 cards = £69 (Cost per card = £1.38)
100 cards = £109 (Cost per card = £1.09)
150 cards = £141 (Cost per card = £0.94)
200 cards = £181 (Cost per card = £091)
250 cards = £214 (Cost per card = £0.85)
300 cards = £254 (Cost per card = £0.85)
350 cards = £288 (Cost per card = £0.82)
400 cards = £326 (Cost per card = £0.82)

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