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Saving the Dawn Chorus for Tomorrow
Corn Bunting

Sunday 7th May 2017

Every morning especially in the spring, birds across the world welcome the sun to a new day with their song, this is known as the dawn chorus.
With the numbers of songbirds declining our dawn chorus is getting harder and harder to hear.

International Dawn Chorus Day is always the first Sunday of May and is celebrated worldwide with supporters getting an early start, watching the sun rise and listening to the bird songs. You can either enjoy the birds in the comfort of your own garden or venture out to an event in your area.
To find out more and view events in your area please visit the International Dawn Chorus Day website

We are excited to stream below a direct feed from  who are organising a whole 24 hours of dawn sounds to celebrate this special day.  The Reveil begins at 5am London time and travels west just ahead of the sunrise on a wave of live sounds relayed by streamers around the world. It will pass from urban rooftops to deep ocean hydrophones to remote forests in a 24 hour audit of the earth on International Dawn Chorus Day.  Soundtent will have some live events happening around the world so check out their website to find out more.

While you're listening why not print off our Tell Us What You See poster, fill it out and return it to us via post or scan it in and email to us. Why not get the family involved, it is a great activity for all ages to join in with and we'd love to find out what birds you can see and hear in your area. When we have received a few responses we will post the results online ..... click here to view the poster  

Please note – the automatic sound may not load from all devices – please click on one of the links (Wave Farm of Resonance) in the map below to load in a player:

Tell us What you see poster