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In Memoriam Scheme

An in memoriam gift is a donation made after an individual has passed away; this could be a specific sum given by their heirs or a collection in lieu of flowers at their funeral.

These gifts are vital to fund our expanding research program and continue the fight to save our songbirds.

On-line Collection

We can also offer on-line donations by setting up an individual fund in your loved ones name, personalising the webpage and donation information to your requirements. If you would like to know more about this please do not hesitate to contact us click here to use our online contact us form or in telephone the office on 01379 641715 speaking to either Georgina (George) or Felicity (Fizz).

All collections will be tracked and we will let your loved one know how it is being used to support our work. If you would like the donation to be used for a specific area of our work this can also be allocated in memory of the individual.

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SongBird Survival is a charity commissioning research into the decline of Britain’s songbirds. With your support and membership we hope to reverse their decline. 
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